June 2008

In my haste to put up the first post, I neglected to explain what dented cans are, more appropriately, why I would name my blog that.

It stems from a conversation me and my friend Jason had (you will all get a chance to read some of his bitter, hateful rants in these pages shortly). He was basically in one of those, “I need a girl” ruts and I was telling him to be patient. women will come around and date the regular dude. He responded, “Yea, after they been hurt by all them players, by the time they get to me they dented cans, I don’t want no dented can”.

The conversation ended with the realization that we are all dented cans, we’ve all been hurt, we’re all a little off, have our own little quirks and trials and tribulations, but our contents are still good. We are shaped by those experiences and come out altered. But what we have inside is still basically, the same, basically good.

This blog will be written and read by a bunch of dented cans (yes even you Jazzmen), giving their perspective on a world that has altered them, for better or worse. So, dented cans, enjoy.

( I think I just tried to get all deep and philosophical there. I could literally hear the inspirational movie score playing in my head as I was writing that).


In the long standing tradition for great ideas with little follow through comes the Dented Cans blog. It is pretty much a blog about whatever I (or whoever is writing the entry) wants it to be about.

In all honesty, I really don’t like to write and do research. But from time to time, I have an urge to write about a particular topic that has been on my mind. This is where those thought will go to die.

In an effort to try to have entries regularly, I will not be the only one writing here. I have talked to some friends, and will talk to even more, about writing entries in this on a regular basis, as to take the load off me.

When originally, concieved, this was going to be an entertainment blog, with everyone writing about a specific area: that is already out the one as I was going to be the TV guy and my first entry will be on Lil Wayne. It will be up to the person writing to write what he or she wants, though I will try to guide them in a general direction.

The biggest inspiration for this blog was What’s Alan Watching. He is a TV critic and uses his blog to breakdown episodes of each episode of the shows he likes watching. Seeing as it summer, and The Wire is over, I probably won’t get into that until next year (I’m thinking Lost and Battlestar, but The Office and 30 Rock might get that treatment).

Other entries will probably revolve around movies, music (mainly hip hop), politics, sports, and whatever else we decide to write about.

Seeing as I’m ripping off Alan Sepinwall, i might as well continue. Here are some things I believe:

  • I believe the 3rd season of “The Wire” is the best season of any TV show ever made.
  • I believe “The Simpsons” should have been off the air years ago.
  • I believe the long term format of a TV season/series has the potential to reach creative/emotional heights that are impossible in a 2 or 3 hour film.
  • I believe “The Sopranos” is classic TV, but it’s no “Oz“.
  • I believe Lil’ Wayne is the most creative/inventive Hip Hop artist this side of Andre 3000.
  • I believe Bone Thugs N’ Harmony have had more impact on mainstream Hip Hop than Wu Tang Clan.
  • I believe The Matrix is the best trilogy ever made.
  • I believe no matter how great they end (and I’m sure the endings will be AMAZING) “Lost” and “Battlestar Galactica” have set themselves up for failure
  • I believe Tobias Beecher has the 2nd most fascinating character arc in the history of TV (first: Bubbs of course).
  • I believe Styles P might have the most underrated album in Hip Hop History.
  • I believe I could not take the emotional devastion of the Redskins getting to the Super Bowl and losing.

That’s just a few for now guys. Stay tuned