In my haste to put up the first post, I neglected to explain what dented cans are, more appropriately, why I would name my blog that.

It stems from a conversation me and my friend Jason had (you will all get a chance to read some of his bitter, hateful rants in these pages shortly). He was basically in one of those, “I need a girl” ruts and I was telling him to be patient. women will come around and date the regular dude. He responded, “Yea, after they been hurt by all them players, by the time they get to me they dented cans, I don’t want no dented can”.

The conversation ended with the realization that we are all dented cans, we’ve all been hurt, we’re all a little off, have our own little quirks and trials and tribulations, but our contents are still good. We are shaped by those experiences and come out altered. But what we have inside is still basically, the same, basically good.

This blog will be written and read by a bunch of dented cans (yes even you Jazzmen), giving their perspective on a world that has altered them, for better or worse. So, dented cans, enjoy.

( I think I just tried to get all deep and philosophical there. I could literally hear the inspirational movie score playing in my head as I was writing that).