This is why I love having a blog. I just watch a movie, and if it hits me, I’ll write about it. High Fidelity was on T.V., but it was full screen and about 10 minutes in (yes, 10 minutes is enough time to not watch the movie if it already started). Knowing it would probably be full screen on demand, I looked it up anyway, i was in the mood; to my surprise it was presented WIDESCREEN!!!!!

(Note: 1) This review WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, If you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. 2) This is going to be one of those thinly veiled reviews where I’m not really talking about the movie, but about my own experiences.)

Rob Gordon (John Cusack) goes through all the Kubler-Ross stages of grief. The movie doesn’t deal so much with the happiness of Rob and Laura’s(Iben Hjejle) relationship; it starts as she is leaving him. From there its a truth portrayal of that weird, awkward area of being broken up but still wanting to be in that person’s life.

I knew I was going to write an entry on this movie when Rob finds out Laura is seeing someone else. Laura has the best sex of her life, in Rob’s head. That uncertainty of not knowing what your ex is doing will drive you insanse; just as Rob tosses and turns and get get a good nights sleep. That uncertainty of not knowing what a loved one is doing after they have moved on is what kills you. But is knowing that much better? Well, depends.

Rob confronts Laura about Ian or Ray (Tim Robbins) or whatever she calls him, twice. The first time, she says they haven’t, they have only slept together (literally). She even throws Rob a compliment saying that he is a better sleeper; doesn’t seem like much but, hey, when your love sick, even a Hi from the person your missing can turn your world around. His mind at ease now, what does Rob do, what any red blood man would do: goes fuck someone else.