Who am I? maybe this will help you figure it out.

I’m the new Mike Rowe. I’ve worked as a car washer, canvaser, salesman, grass cutter, at a fast food joint (popeye’s), construction (demolition), accountant, mover, data entries, computer specialist, bouncer, tennis coach, host, bar back, cameraman, video editor, producer, director, grip, soccer referee, production assistant, and now location assistant, all in that order. I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten a few other odd jobs I’ve had, but I’m getting tired just thinking of all of them.

Growing up I wanted to be or went to school to be a pro soccer player, pilot, photographer, pro tennis player, gold medal Olympian (any sport), gym teacher, army general, race car driver, action movie star, lawyer, doctor, book writer, pro football player, engineer, navy pilot, stuntman, U.S. ambassador, magazine writer, tennis coach, flight attendent, movie director, college professor, kinesiologists, and my own boss, and not in that order. now I know I’ve forgotten a lot of other dreams, but we’ll be here forever if I continued.

Now all I want to be is a movie director, photographer, writer (books, magazine, newspaper), pro tennis player, pro soccer player, my own boss, and Olympian.

How is that for an introduction? You want more don’t you?

Ok, I was born in France to a French dad and Vietnamese mother. I moved to the United States (Maryland) when I was 10, because my mother wanted to move closer to her family after my parents got divorced and have lived there ever since. I have two younger sister, who both graduated college before me. And I’m currently a freelance filmmaker, who has been trying to find a full time job in the movie/tv industry in Baltimore, MD for the past two years.

I’m very opinionated and somewhat critical, but I’m also very rational and a bit emotional.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m pretty much a jack-of-all-trades and will pretty much contribute to this blog in every category known to human kind, that right, I will even write about your mom if warranted.

with that said…


  • I believe in capital punishment.
  • I believe in abortion.
  • I believe in free health care.
  • I believe in free education (college).


  • I believe that tennis player are the greatest athletes.
  • I believe that Federer’s reign is more note worthy than Tiger Woods reign.
  • I believe that soccer is the best sport in the world.
  • I believe that it’s a shock to all redskins fan when the skins win.


  • I believe that The Shield is better than The Wire.
  • I believe that Back to the future is a much better trilogy than The Matrix.
  • I believe that today’s music isn’t as good as yesterday’s.
  • I believe that the price of a DVD’s and video games are out of this world.