Introductions aren’t over! I might be a little bit late (now you really know me), but I’m here! 

I’m Manda. I’m one of those ‘pretty-opinionated-people-who-stays-below-the-radar-but-really-wants-to-kick-your-ass’ types. What I mean is, I’m quiet before you talk to me, but once you do, you’re gonna hear what I have to say for real.        Right, Fernando?

I’m the kind of person that likes new things…in theory. I love new music, new clothes, new directors, new books, y’know…new. But, I’m set in my ways with certain things, and I’m probably not going to participate in a discussion about which movie/artist/thing sucks less between two… If they both suck, you’ve got your answer. For example, you’re not going to convince me that Phil Collins is better than Dave Matthews Band or vice versa. Why? Because I won’t have either one playing in my house, ever. (Not that there’s any reason to compare Phil Collins and Dave Matthews, but I think you get the idea…)

That said, I don’t really know what my role in this blog is going to be. I figure whatever isn’t talked about will be what I talk about. Whatever is ignored, I’ll bring it up, and whatever subject you think you don’t want to hear about, I’m gonna make it a big deal.


Let’s get it on.


  • I believe reality tv is brilliant (to an extent)
  • I believe everyone should read at least one Chuck Palahniuk novel
  • I believe everyone should own a copy of Lies My Teacher Told Me
  • I believe Beck is a musical genius and can be forgiven for being a scientologist
  • I believe Robert De Niro’s body should be encased in gold when he dies
  • I believe sequels should be burned
  • I believe culture is defined by money
  • I believe tragedy breeds intelligence
  • I believe every girl should own some makeup
  • I believe OK Computer is one of the most effective albums of modern rock
  • I believe that I believe a lot more things