Jason Taylor, one of the best Defensive End in NFL history and a face of the Miami Dolphins for years is now going to be a Redskins.

After the Redskins lost Phillips Daniels to a season ending knee injury on the very first day of training camp. The Redskins scramble to find a replacement to an already weak defensive end core. But lucky for them, Jason Taylor wasn’t getting along with his boss and the Redskins Boss is none other than Daniel Snyder.

But is this a good move for the Redskins? In Snyder’s mind it has always been a “I want to win NOW” attitude, and to his credit, Taylor does give the skins that pass rush that they desperately needed. But how long will Taylor play? and how well will he play? That is always a question you have to ask of the free agent/traded players of the skins.

For now it is basically a wait and see what happen. But personally I really like the move. I liked it even more before I found out that Phillip Daniel was gone for the season.

I feel for the Dophins though. They went 1-15. Then lost both Jason taylor and Zach Thomas.