She is only 18, but the pressure that has been put on her is already that of a mega super star. She has been plague by injuries and spout of immaturity, but in my eyes, she will be one of the best woman golfers when she is done. Which is why it is very disturbing to me that she was disqualified last weekend, when she was playing her best golf in years and tied for second place, because of a stupid golf rule that should have been changed years ago.

Wie was disqualified of The State Farm Classic on Saturday because she had failed to sign her scorecard before leaving the scoring area.


That rule is completely amateurish. Why should it matter where you sign your scorecard?

To those who don’t know golf. The signature rule is completely based on the golf honor system. But I ask you. Why do you need to sign your card let alone keep score when there are at least 20 officials and TV personalities that get paid to do just that.

I play golf and I’m not going to lie, I sometime forget how many shots it took me to finish a hole. But if there are paid officials there to keep score, then why do I have to. If they get it wrong then it is there fault not mine, also if they get it wrong then they shouldn’t be allowed to be golf officials. Tennis also has an honor system. In the minor league of professional tennis, you are forced to call your own line calls, but once you get to the majors, you have professional official do it for you, as well as keep score.

Golf should really changed that rule. I’m tired of seeing golfers play well only to get disqualified because they didn’t sign their cards, sign them in the proper area, or accidentally put the wrong score on their card. It is not the first time that this has happened, and it will not be the last.

Fans of the rules will argue that golfers have been doing it for years so they should be accustomed to the rule. But again I ask you, how many time have you forgotten something that you have been doing for years? Such as forgetting to tie your shoe lace or forgetting to close the windows at night. I say get rid of the rule and let official keep score and this will never happened again.