…along comes moi. And like Jaws, I break down a lot, am a general pain in the neck for cast and crew, and cause directors to make changes that actually better his work in the long run.

My name is Bart, and I’m a blog-a-holic. I’m old enough that I’m probably the mentor type now…the Mr. Miyagi to the group, without the slightly disturbing undertones. Okay, on second thought, strike that comparison. Plus, I look nothing like Pat Morita. More like Michael McDonald. Not the Ya Mo Be There guy, the comedian.

What am I doing here? What are you doing here? I’m here because I thought this would be a hoot. Not of the owl variety though, but if you really want to hoot like an owl, knock yourselves out. It’s a free country. If you’re reading this from America. If not…well, I hope it’s a free country.

I figure I’ll talk about anything I darn well please in the realm of the entertainment community. I likes lots of things. Movies, TV, Music, books, donkey shows.

It’s apparantely a thing to list things we believe in.

  • I believe in following convention when part of a blogging group.
  • I believe that we haven’t found Osama because he’s in America. We can’t even catch our own criminals, it’s a genius move.
  • I believe that until recently, the smartest person alive was George Carlin.
  • I believe that the more technology evolves, the more we’ll de-evolve.
  • I believe the moon landing was real…
  • but I also believe that they didn’t shoot the very first moon walk. We saw the second one.
  • I believe in Harvey Dent.

So, I welcome myself. Here I am. Lock up your daughters. And your junk food.