I’ve seen this video a million times but didn’t really pay attention to the words until last week. The end of the video doesn’t jive with the lyrics. Which lead to this exchange with my ex-girlfriend.

G: they broke up, he boned some chick, wanted her back, saw her out with another guy…wanted her back more
G: she bitched and complained, then took him back
G: why does that make no sense?
Fernando: it doesnt fit the song
Fernando: the song is about him leaving her 2 go bone other chicks
G: which he did
Fernando: yea, but he doesnt come to the realize that he wants her back at the end
Fernando: he’s still in sorry but i gotta do this mode
G: to the common hip-hop head, the song ends there
G: but, there’s an “i’m sorry, baby” at the end, where it kind of throws things off
G: then a song on his next album is “where you are (is where I want to be)’
G: and the point is that basically that he was wrong
G: and “where i wanna be” was just his stupidity
F: yes, but i dont think the im sorry is in the original song
G: yeah it is
G: at the end
G: it’s just that radio versions don’t always play it
F: and i know about where u are, and its a perfect companion to that song, and if it had a video, theres where u should b banging on a window ruining her date with karl kani
G: lol
F: and im sorry, could just b him saying sorry 2 the chick, not necessarily saying he wants her back
G: this is tru
G: but i think that’s y he made the video in that way
G: to take the song in that direction
F: to me, it doesnt jive, i love that he’s not happy go lucky all the time
F: the whole video has this sadness 2 it, even after the empty sex
F: but asking for her back at the end is too much
G: lol interesting
F: its not what the song is about
G: i guess it’s all about interpretation
F: i should just save this and make it the blog entry
G: lol
G: i guess (as with all other art forms) it really just comes down to where your mental is at when you encounter it
F: true
G: do you see the irony in us having this conversation?
F: i wouldnt call it irony, but yes
G: ok
F: its one of those “what are they really talking about” moments lol
G: yeeeeah
F: but yea, i dont think ill ever like the end of that video
F: rest of the video: fabulous
F: end, not so much
F: plus what woman would leave karl kani
G: oh well, somehow, i think donnell jones will make it
G: not me
G: not with all those sweaters he makes

You be the judge.