The previous Wii-centric post reminded me of something about the Nintendo DS that I’ve wondered since it’s release…can it create a renewed interest and popularity of the point-and-click adventure game?

I grew up on these games.  The Sierra “Quest” series (Police, KIngs, Space, et al), Myst, the games LucasArts made a name for themselves with like Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, Sam & Max.  I loved these games.  Scratch that, I love these games.

And it seems to me that the stylus based dual screen action the Nintendo DS offers is the perfect platform to try and revitalize the genre.

And there have been some notable attempts.  Hotel Dusk.  The Phoenix Wright games.  But nothing quite like the “click here to move there, click that item to examine it, use your inventory to solve puzzles” template that worked so well for years.

If I were LucasArts, I’d actually port some of my classics over to the DS to test the waters.  I’d probably buy a port of any of the Monkey Islands (even the fourth), or Day of the Tentacle, or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.  Test the waters, see what the reception is.

Because I really feel that the system lends itself perfectly for a resurgence of these kinds of games.  Instead of a mouse, you have a stylus…it’s really that simple.

But alas, the mentality of most gamers these days is ultra realistic and lets face it, the point and clickers weren’t really all about that.