This blog has been up for a minute and after countless attempts to sit down and write something, I finally got the urge to do my intro. 

The name is Jason.  Most call me J.  Born and Raised on the beautiful planet called Brooklyn.  Dont be alarmed, i’m not one of those “if it aint from NY its wack” type people.  Although a large portion of the things that dont come from NY or based on NY products are definetly suspicious in my book.  We’ll get into that when I start commenting on Hip Hop.  Which brings me to probably the only thing I truly love:  Hip Hop.  The first clear memory I have of childhood was watching Video Music Box with Ralph McDaniels waiting for them to show “Kid n Play” – Ola Ola Ey!!  Shits a classic.  I grew from bubble gum rap to conscious rap with the emergences of De La Soul, Tribe, and LONS.  Probably the only kid on the block who responded to the “Best Rapper Alive” question with Q-Tip.  That question will be debated here in a few weeks. 

I am the dude who “created” the term “Dented Cans”.  Although, the conversation was portrayed to make me look like some sort of sucker and make fernando look like some sort of guru (good work fernando).  I’m not that bitter.  My views on Male-Female relations are alittle skewed to the bitter side, but I’m no Alexis Tylor (YouTube Gold!!).  I’m just a dude thats had every weird relationship type thing happen to him and have learned all the dumb lessons about what not to do.  Which is my source of useless advice, and classic relationship one liners.

I have a lot of strange beliefs, but here are a few (just so I fit in):

  • The Shield is one of the most honest depictions of the human experience in the history of television.
  • Wu Tang will forever be more influential, and out right better than Bone Thugs and Harmony, no matter how many albums they sold.  William Hung out sold Talib Kweli in a week.  Point & Match!!
  • Eminem was not as dope as people think.
  • Weezy (BKA – Lil Wayne) is barely top ten all-time and is only top ten now because people forgot how to make good music.
  • Posdunus/Plug 1 of De La Soul is the GREATEST RAPPER OF ALLLL TIME!!!!!!!!!! Yeah I said It!
  • Avatar the Last Air Bender is the greatest animated series ever created.  You want character arc, see Prince Zuko and Uncle.  Classic Material
  • Fight Club is genius!!
  • Brad Pitt and Ed Norton are the coolest white people of all time!!
  • The makers of SpiderMan 3 and X-Men 3 should be beaten like they were the other dudes in Passion of Christ.  How do you single handedly destroy a classic comic book storyline.
  • Watchmen will be nominated for an Oscar!!
  • Keanu Reeves will be heralded as a great method actor and will have a School of FIne Arts named after him, where they will teach how to act with only 2 expressions.