While I do love playing video games, I have other interests. I have a dual-tuner DVR so I can record two programs at once to make sure I don’t miss anything. That being said, it’s brand new. I’ve been prepping it for this quickly approaching fall season and I’m going to share what I’ve picked from the new bunch. Over the next week or so I’ll let you know what I’m looking forward to in the fall. We’re only going to look at the new shows this season, because I’m sure everyone knows about Heroes, Pushing Daises and the like. Starting this week is NBC, check it out after the jump.

Lets jump right in then.

America’s Toughest Jobs: It’s a reality show, where they try to make a bunch of people be like Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs. I have no intentions in watching it. Reality shows on network television don’t do it for me, especially when they are knock offs of great shows. Look, even Mike says keep away.

Knight Rider: It’s a remake of the 1980’s tv show, and we all know how those turn out. Just look at Bionic Woman, which was on NBC last year. I could have been pulled in just by the fact that Will Arnett was slated to be the voice of KITT, but he stepped away from that role because KITT is now a Ford Mustang and Arnett does voice overs for GMC. I can see it lasting half way through the season and getting pulled. On a bright note, Paul Campbell is in it. He was Billy in Battlestar and had a site called Nobody’s Watching that pitched a sitcom of the same name.

My Own Worst Enemy: Christian Slater makes the jump from the big screen to the small screen. He plays A bad-ass spy who has an alter-ego of an efficiency expert. Neither of them know about one another until their worlds slowly start to come together. Could be interesting. I feel like they are trying to grab the audience that Chuck brought in. And sure enough, it’s on at 10 on Mondays behind Chuck and Heroes. I’m gonna watch it and hope that it doesn’t go the same way as Journeyman from last season.

Kath & Kim: Alright, so NBC had great success with taking the British The Office and making it American. Will they be able do to the same with Aussie comedy Kath & Kim? I’ve never watched the Aussie version, but I hear it’s great. Recently divorced daughter moves back home with her divorced mother. Molly Shannon and Selma Blair. I’ll watch it just for Blair if she continues to wear outfits like in this picture. It’s probably going to air on Thursdays because of Scrubs’ move to ABC.

Crusoe: We all know the story of Robinson Crusoe, or I hope we do. Anyway, NBC has decided to take it and shape it up into a TV drama. I don’t have any expectations for it, and don’t really plan on watching it. If I want to watch a guy desperately try to get off an island and fail, I’ll put on Gilligan’s Island so I can at least try to figure out how a man can make a radio out of coconuts but not be able to fashion a simple raft.

Kings: Some war drama thing from what I’ve seen about it. Can’t really tell if it’s supposed to be a modern-day fantasy thing or what. Probably won’t watch it as you might surmise by the fact that it’s only getting three sentences.

Office Spin-off: Who isn’t going to watch it? They plan on airing this in the winter while the main Office is taking some time off. Will we be attracted to this cast the same way we are to Scranton? Will it even be at Dunder Mifflin or will we meet a new company. Details are scarce right now, so keep an ear to the ground for more.

Merlin: Also premiering during the winter months is Merlin. As you can guess, we look at Merlin and Arthur, but as teenagers and not as High Wizard and King. I’m going to watch because I’m a fan of fantasy. I expect it be good. They’ve done a great job with Heroes and Battlestar Galatica. Yes, Battlestar is on SciFi, but it’s produced by NBC studios and was even rumored to jump to NBC for a while. Anyway, I’ve got hopes for it.

Top Gear: I saved this for special one for last. Yes, there is a British car show called Top Gear, which is the largest auto show brand in the world. No, this is not that one. It’s an American version. No May, Hammond or Clarkson, no Stig and no classy British accents. Instead we have Adam Carolla, Eric Stromer and Tanner Foust. I have no idea who two of those guys are. I don’t see this as going as well as the British one, and I have absolutely no desire to watch this what so ever. Not unless Jeremey Clarkson himself says it rivals his own show. I don’t understand why they can’t just liscense it from the BBC… stupid wankers.

That’s it for NBC. Next time we’ll take a look at CBS.