Two networks down, three to go. We’ve covered NBC and CBS in the last two editions, so now we’ll take a gander at ABC’s line up. ABC already has a pretty strong line-up and because of that there are only five new shows coming this fall. Will these shows going to be as strong as Lost, Grey’s and Pushing Daisies? Or are we going to be disappointed by remakes just like NBC and CBS? You’ll find out after the jump.

Opportunity Knocks: What a disappointing way to start off in my opinion. Traveling game show comes around to neighborhoods and picks a family to compete in front of the rest of the neighborhoods. I’d hope that with the writer’s strike being over, we wouldn’t see game shows in prime-time this season. Cheap, easy to make and not very entertaining. This is more of Fox’s domain I feel with all the “Are You Smarter Than an Apple Core” shows. Maybe Deal or No Deal does well and ABC is trying to cash in. Either way, I’ll be avoiding this in the fall.

Life on Mars: Another remake of a show from our British friends across the ocean. Story is a detective gets himself in a car crash and wakes up in the 70’s, still a detective. The whole cast but one has been recast since the pilot was shot. That doesn’t seem to bode well for the show. Even though I am tired of remakes, I’ll probably watch it. I missed the show when it was on BBC America, so I won’t have as high a standard for it if I had. If I had to guess, I’d say expect it on Thursdays with Lost and Grey’s.

Not Fox + Not Sunday = Animated Flop

Not Fox + Not Sunday = Animated Flop

The Goode Family: Ah, the first animated TV show of the season. Brainchild of Mike Judge, creator of Office Space as well as Beavis and Butthead, this show is about a family who tries to do the right thing, but always ends with hilarious consequences. Or so they say. Animated TV shows don’t have a long lifespan outside of Fox on Sunday nights. I can say I’m not a fan of the artistic style of the show, so I probably won’t watch. I hope it does well, because it could lead to more weeknight animated shows, but I doubt it.

Scrubs: Scrubs isn’t new you’re saying right now and preparing to write some nasty comment about what an idiot I am. I’m aware of that fact, but it is new to ABC. After about two seasons of will it stay or will it go on NBC, NBC let it go back to the hands of the production company, ABC. I will watch this show, even if this is just the last season of it. NBC advertised it on and off, never really trying to promote it, even though it has a strong core following. If ABC advertises it well, Scrubs can make it’s possible last season be it’s highest rated.

Ashton Kutcher/Tyra Banks Project: That’s not really the name, but that’s all we got so far. ABC is propping as a beauty pageant the likes of which no person has seen before. So, is it going to be America’s Next Top Model combined with Punk’d? They suffer through the whole season only to find out the girl voted to win is actually the loser and the first person off is the winner? Don’t know, and won’t care.

All in all, not too excited for the new ABC shows. Scrubs is the only thing on the list I really care for and it’s not even brand new. What do you guys think? Am I being too rough? Am I giving Scrubs too much love? Let me know in the comments. Next time we’ll look at Fox and what it will be bring to the table this season.