DOh Bluths, you had so much potential, only to be cut down in your prime.

Oh Bluths, you had so much potential, only to be cut down in your prime.

Another day, another preview. We’re coming down to the end here with only Fox and the CW left to preview. And this time around, we’ll see what Fox has to offer. I can’t even begin to imagine what Fox is going to offer. I’m not usually a fan of Fox because the show is either terrible and sticks around for too long, like Prison Break. Wouldn’t that end once they escape prison? Or the show is great and Fox cancels it, like Arrested Development. Lets take a look and see which category these shows are going to fall into.

Fringe: The previous post here at Dented Cans actually covered this show. And that gives me hope for this show. It’s another show about mysterious science events, like the 11th Hour. This one has more of a science fiction vibe to it instead of the rooted feel of 11th Hour. It also seems to be following in another one of Fox’s sci-fi hits, X-Files. I’m looking forward to this show and it seems that the other authors at this blog are too, lets hope Fox keeps it.

Do Not Disturb: At an upscale New York hotel, we’ll be experiencing the guests and employees and all their wonderful quirky differences. Or so Fox hope. This show has the funny Niecy Nash at the front and all I can do is that this trashcan-destined show doesn’t take away from her on Reno 911. I really don’t know what else to say for this show aside from that it seems to be following in the footsteps of ‘Till Death, War At Home and Unhitched.

Arrested Development semi-resurrected? Or bastardized?

Arrested Development semi-resurrected? Or bastardized?

Sit Down, Shut Up: Man, am I looking forward to this show or what? Not only is it animated, but produced by Mike Hurwitz of Arrested Development fame and has Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Henry Winkler as voices. Instead of a family of neurotic self-centered people, we’ll deal with neurotic self-centered teachers at a Northeastern high school. From the images I’ve seen, this show has a completely different art style from the Sunday night line up. It has live action backgrounds with animated characters on top. Even though this show is another remake of an Australian show, I really hope it’s like Arrested Development in it’s brilliance and not in it’s life-cycle.

Dollhouse: Fox take another bet on Joss Whedon after killing off his last show, Firefly. Dollhouse centers around ‘Dolls’ people who are blank slates that can have personalities and pasts imprinted on them. The main character is the beautiful Eliza Dushku’s Echo, who starts to remember things she isn’t supposed to. Another strong science fiction show here from Whedon, though initial reviews of the pilot haven’t been very happy with the show. I can just wait, look at what he did with Buffy and Firefly and hope that lightning strikes a third time.

The Cleveland Show: We take a look at the past, present and future of the Ohio city, Cleveland. Not really. Instead we follow the only minority character from Family guy move away from Quahog RI, down to Stoolbend VA with his high school sweetheart who has a daughter. I’m not excited about this at all. Does this mean no more Cleveland in Family Guy? And could you have picked a more boring character to follow? And where is Cleveland Jr? The shots I’ve seen doesn’t seem to have this golf and soccer prodigy. I don’t have high expectations for this, but seeing how Seth MacFarlane is Fox’s new cash sow, expect it to stick around no matter how terrible it is.

Imagine this movie, except terrible and you have Secret Millionaire

Imagine this movie, except terrible and you have Secret Millionaire

Secret Millionaire: This show looks to be like the Aykroyd/Murphy movie Trading Places, except not funny and no one gets to play rich guy for a day. A group of wealthy millionaires get to live like the other 1% of society and then give at least 100k to someone or someones. This show is going to be terrible, and if these millionaires really cared about the impoverished, we wouldn’t need this show. Expect this to be trite and see the millionaires still have aires of superiority.

Well, that’s it for Fox. We’ll be covering the last network, the CW, next time. The CW has eight new shows. Will this channel finally start to get the respect the rest of network TV gets, or will it be all blah? Check in and find my opinion. Until then, let me know what you think about Fox’s new shows. Will Whedon and Hurwitz second runs be more sucessful than their first runs? Will Abrahms find the same success with Fringe as he did with Lost? Let me know.