That’s right, we’ve been through the four other major networks and today we end this series. The CW has had some hard times, having to recover from the image it gained while it was the WB. They’ve got eight new TV shows airing this season. I enjoyed Reaper from last season, a show I don’t think got as much credit as it should have because of the fact it was on the CW. Hopefully, this season will begin to bring the CW back to the level of respect of NBC and the others. With that, lets see what they are offering after the jump.

90210: Does this show really need a remake already? My vote is no, but the programming director at the CW disagrees with me. I’m not going to into depth about this show, you probably already know if you want to watch it or not. They have a black cast member this time around, so props to that, but I can’t imagine it hasn’t changed much else aside from that.

Privileged: The CW has said they are targeting the female demographic this time around and I’d have to say from the line-up I agree. This show is about a young hot Yale grad who wants to be a reporter but instead becomes a live-in tutor to a pair of spoiled twins. Not my style of show and it’s not going to get covered just like 90210. I’m sure if the CW is targeting women, the rest of these reviews are going to be like these two.

Easy Money: Young man heads his families short-term loan business while dealing with his eccentric family. That’s really all I can find for this show. The first two pages on Google just give me that Tony winning Laurie Metcalf is on the show. I don’t know what to say, I can’t figure out how to pass judgement on a show I know very little about. I may watch an episode, who knows.

In Harm’s Way: This show is about people who put themselves in harm’s way to earn a living. War photographers, minesweepers and Coast Guard divers are all covered. This seems a lot like a Dirty Jobs knock-off, the second one this season after that show on NBC. And it makes sense as it’s from the folks that brought us Dirty Jobs. I’ll watch this, it seems like a slightly different take. Instead of looking at the jobs, we’ll look at the people.

Valentine: Okay, this is listed as a Dramedy. I can only assume it’s a combo of Drama and Comedy. Anyway, Valentine is about Greek Gods in modern society helping match soulmates. I can’t imagine they are all in on this, especially if Ares is a character. I’m a fan of Greek Gods, so I’ll tune in at least once or twice. I hope it’s more comedy than drama.

Stylista: Cashing in on the current trend of “Do well on this show and get a great job” shows, we are fighting for an editorial position at Elle magazine. Not my show, so I have no input on it.

Let me just stop right here. I feel terrible about my treatment of the CW’s line-up, but like they said, they are aiming at the female demographic. There are two more shows that aren’t just aimed at women, but I just don’t have the motivation to keep going. If anyone else is interested in redoing this channel, feel free to, but I can’t. So let’s end it here. In other news, I’m in a fantasy football league at Yahoo, it costs 25 bucks and we need three more people. Send me a message here or leave a comment if you’re interested. That’s all I got for now. Game with me on XBLA Gamertag: WildRile.