Today starts the final season of what I think has been the best show on television in the past six years.

After a long, long wait, fans of The Shield will learn the ultimate fate of Vic Mackey as The Shield: The Final Act premieres tonight at 10:00pm ET/PT on FX.

For the past six season we’ve watched one hell of a twisted drama unfold before our eyes. Out of all the people under Vic Mackey, who would have ever thought that Lem would be the one to go? How has Mackey have avoided getting caught for all his exploits, even manage to out wit Kavanaugh?

We’ve rooted for the bad guys or good guys, who knows anymore? We’ve taken pleasure at how bad Mackey screwed with the One-niners or Byz-lats or the Armenians for that matter.

What will happen? Will all answers be revealed?

What will happen to Vic Mackey? Will he die? Get away? or Go to jail? As bad as he has been, I really don’t see it ending well for him.

What about Shane? What will Mackey do to Shane? Will Shane continue to look out for number one and talk to the Feds? Will Mackey kill him for kidnapping his family? Shane has been my most hated character, I’m mad that he’s still alive.

What about other characters? What is going to happen with Claudette as her Lupus gets worse? What will happen with Dutch? Danny? Ronnie? Julien? or Aceveda?

From all that I have heard, this final season should keep you at the edge of your seat until the end. I am looking forward to this, as well as should you all.