Ten years. That’s a lot of time. It’s three generations of game consoles. That’s how long Too Human has been in the works. Originally shown for the PSone and then Gamecube, it finally landed on to the Xbox 360. And so has the huge hype machine that’s been driving it down the road. Denis Dyack, the producer behind the game, had been out and about, riling up the crowds and hassling Penny Arcade about their game (which was AWESOME). He even went so far as to challenge an entire forum to pick sides. Most of the reviews are in and they are pretty split, you either liked it, or you loathed it. Where did this Dented Cans writer end up? Do I think it’s the game to end all games, or do I think it belongs in the same bin as Petz:Horsez? Hit the jump to find out.

I had been in the mood for RPG for a while. Even to the point that I took advantage of a free 10 days of World of Warcraft to get my fix. When this weekend rolled around and I had to pick between Too Human and Mercenaries 2, it was an easy pick. So after I returned home from buying the game from the only cute girl I’ve ever seen working at a GameStop (call me), I put the game in right away and played for three hours. The first thing I said was, what the hell is going on here? I got thrown right into the middle of the story and I didn’t get that answer until I played through for another 11 hours. I also asked, who are all these people? The game is based on a retelling of the Norse mythology and the coming of Ragnarok, the Norse Apocalypse. So, being Norse mythology, the only people you know are Thor, Loki and Odin, who in this game is a super-computer. You have no idea who anyone else is and I had to do some research to find out.

The storytelling needs some work, but you don’t have to worry about that aside from about six or seven cut-scenes through the game. I wanted to see how controlling attacks worked with the analog stick. I had gotten a feel for it when the demo came out, but you could only play the middle of the road Champion. I went with the Berserker this time, a melee class that can duel wield weapons. Now, using the right analog stick for combat means the usual camera control is gone. In fact, you can only move the camera yourself when you are standing still and pressing the left bumper as well. A little annoying as you’re running straight down a hall and then suddenly you are viewing yourself running into a wall because the camera switched to a top down side view.

What was I talking about? Right, combat. Well, you only have three different base enemies, and then about five mini-bosses who level up with you, so no going back to the first stage and beating up and the little guys. But that’s not too bad, because I enjoy sliding into huge crowds of them and tearing through them in a matter of seconds. Unless they are ranged, and then prepare to die, a lot. The baddies have lots of powerful long range weapons that do tons of damage before you even get close to them. And using your ranged weapons don’t help because yours don’t do close to the damge theirs do, nor do you have the range they have. Plus you need to reload while they can just blast away. I got to thinking that if this was done in a Diablo style, where you could get surrounded by melee guys and not have to worry about ranged right away because they just pinged you, instead of you need to slaughter the ranged guys as soon as possible because

Laser Pistols, great in every game but this one

Laser Pistols, great in every game but this one

they can kill you in 5 seconds flat. The ranged guys aren’t the only ones who can withstand the firepower of a god. Some of the melee guys are colored, and seem to be immune to ranged weapons all together. This wouldn’t be an issue if they didn’t unleash powerful linger effects like poison or fire damage when killed. This also could be ignored if you regenerated health on your own or had someway to dispel the effects. But the only one class that can heal by themselves and not by the aid of the infrequently dropped health orbs.

Collecting armor and blueprints are a lot of fun. Trying to collect the perfect set of armor and weapons is a lot of fun. Grabbing up every last drop is driving. You make sure to explore every last nook and cranny for more drops. I wish you could controls your weapons a little more, or have the ability to duel wield two-handed weapons. Alas, not a possibility. Yet. On the main menu there is already a slot for Downloadable Content. It’s empty for right now, but some DLC could fix the issue with overpowered ranged enemies and underpowered ranged weapons. I’m usually not a fan of using DLC to fix known issues, but this is addressing the issues people have with your game that makes it unplayable for them. There is also one little bit almost no one mentions, and that is load times. There are none once the game starts up. It flows smoothly from playing to cut-scene back to level without a pause. The game doesn’t take breaks to do auto-saves either. It’s barely noticeable, but once you see realize it’s great.

All in all, I enjoy the game. I find it rather cathartic to destroy hordes of baddies with just a flick of my thumb. It does get a bit frustrating sometimes when dealing with ranged guys, but that and many of the other problems are easily fixed. Is it the great game Silicon Knights made it out to be? No, but it’s also not as terrible as a lot of people make it out to be. I give it a 7 out of 10 dented cans. It’s a good game that unfortunately will be remembered as a failure because it didn’t meet the hype. Only time will tell if the next two games in the trilogy will be made, or will they be dropped. What do you think? Is Too Human next to godliness or is it too weak? Game with me on XBLA: WildRile.