The blog here has been uncharacteristically quiet lately, so I’ve  decided to come to you our readers with quick post asking for your help. Gamers are cast as a bunch of shut-ins who do nothing to help anyone but their guild mates or what have you. In recent years this image has been fought by gamer based charities like Penny Arcade’s Child’s Play, and now Extra Life, by Sarcastic Gamer. They are helping to raise money for the Texas Children’s Hospital by doing a 24 hour gaming marathon on October 18th. I have decided to help in this cause by participating. I have set up my web site here and you can choose to sponsor me. Just with miles in Walk-a-thons and books in Read-a-thons, you would sponsor me by the hour. An offer of a dollar an hour would end up being 24 dollars for this charity. You don’t have to give, but it would be much appreciated. I’m working on trying to figure out how to stream me doing it if anyone wants to watch it. I’ll also take suggestions on what games to play. Thanks again, and expect to see a review of Rock Band 2 from me later this week.