The Coen brothers are at it again. For the second time in their successful career, they follow one of their Oscar winning movies with a comedy. The brothers again use the talents of George Clooney for their lead actor, who plays a womanizing Marshall. Rounding out this assemble cast of characters are John Malkovich, who plays an angry C.I.A. agent, Tilda Swinton who plays Malkovich wife, Frances McDormand who plays a woman obsessed with plastic surgery, and Brad Pitt who plays a lovable but dim witted gym trainer.

Pitt finds a CD containing C.I.A. material potentially damaging to its owner and the U.S. Pitt and McDormand assumes that if they were to return the CD back to its owner, then there would be a big reward for it, but when that doesn’t happen, that’s when the debauchery of sillyness begins.

This movie was hilarious; it had been a long time since I’ve seen a good comedy that didn’t fall into the slapstick mold. It was also smart. What I have always enjoyed about the Coen brothers is the way they set up their story and punch line. Everything made sense and I don’t remember asking myself, why did the character do this? It wasn’t clustered with unnecessary side stories and had a pretty good pacing.

The actors are all fabulous, it is rare to be able to watch a comedy with good actors in it, but the Coen brothers are way past just respect, that they probably could ask anyone to act in their movies and no one would turn them down. Brad Pitt is really the one to watch in this movie, no more will he take a back seat to Ocean. I was really surprise at his comedic timing and presence as a dumb guy, believe it or not, it does take some acting chop to act stupid and Pitt pulls it off.

It is very enjoyable to watch semi big budget movies that are completely free of studio interference. The Coen brother old school style to movie making is the way movie should be made today. They are patient, take their time and aren’t worry as to when it needs to be released. They don’t go into making a movie knowing exactly when the movie release date will be before the script is even started. Of course, it does help that they can get any type of financing they want from investor and that they have one hell of a portfolio. It had been some time since I’ve had a favorite director, I’ve had ones I’ve liked but not favorite. The Coen Brothers are now my favorite directors.

By the way, it was my first time at a Landmark Theatre. I have always gone to a Loews or Regal or independent theatres. Landmark was amazing. They had comfortable reclining leather chairs with enough foot room for people to walk across without needing you to stand up. The sound and screen were all state of the art. And I don’t know why more theatre doesn’t do this, but having a bar in the theatre is brilliant.