December 2008

The story this holiday has been the success of the Wii. In the month of November it sold over 2 million units. Quite impressive. All the headlines liked to tell this story by noting that the Wii more than doubled the sales of the Xbox 360. But they missed the more interesting story. The 360 outsold the Playstation 3 by more then 2 to 1 as well. The numbers don’t lie when they say that the Wii sold more than five times as many PS3. So, how did Sony go from dominating that market with the PS2 to the bottom of the barrel with the PS3? Follow me after the jump to find out.



I don’t know when this trailer came out, but it looks bad ass.  I can’t wait to see this movie.

Scyamore Meadows

Every once in while there is an act that makes you stand up and say “Hey, that’s actually good.” That’s what happened to me three years ago when my buddy Ray introduced me to Butch Walker. You have listened to Butch’s work before, whether you know it or not. Butch was the lead for the one-hit wonders Marvelous 3, known for Freak of the Week. He has also written and produced albums for Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, Pink, All American Rejects and more. For the last six years, he’s been been putting out his solo albums with the most recent one having just come out on November 11th. You’re probably asking yourself why you should be listening to him, well I’ll tell you.


If any of you watch as much sports as I do, then there is no way you haven’t seen this new Nike commercial for Lebron James’s new shoe, Lebron VI.  If you haven’t, take the next minute to take a look at it and then tell me if there is anything wrong with it.

Haven’t figured it out yet.

How about the fact that Lebron is using Kevin Garnetts’ signature move of tossing chalk in the air at the announcers table and marketing it as his own signature move.  What the fuck, is there anything this tool wont do in his attempt to have his name become a world renown brand.

Everyone knows that he’s going to New York after his contract is over and that he’s going to fuck over Cleveland when he does.  But now he’s blatantly stealing other players signature moves as his own.

I know it looks like Lebron is older than Kevin, but truth is Kevin Garnett was doing the whole chalk thing, way before Lebron was even in high school.  Lebron just stole the move once he got to the NBA, and now he’s marketing it as his own signature move.  If I was Kevin Garnett, I would think about suing…well maybe not, but I would probably give him an extra push the next time he goes up for a dunk.

P.S.  for all of you who were wondering just as I was, the song is Candyman by Cornershop. (unconfirmed)