Scyamore Meadows

Every once in while there is an act that makes you stand up and say “Hey, that’s actually good.” That’s what happened to me three years ago when my buddy Ray introduced me to Butch Walker. You have listened to Butch’s work before, whether you know it or not. Butch was the lead for the one-hit wonders Marvelous 3, known for Freak of the Week. He has also written and produced albums for Avril Lavigne, Fall Out Boy, Pink, All American Rejects and more. For the last six years, he’s been been putting out his solo albums with the most recent one having just come out on November 11th. You’re probably asking yourself why you should be listening to him, well I’ll tell you.

Butch Walker’s music can’t really be pigeonholed, he has such a wide variety of sounds. He has made very good use of his back-up band, The Lets Go Out Tonites, in his last two albums, allowing him to expand his sound a lot. His solo albums had a full range of sounds as well, from the fast happy songs like “#1 Summer Jam” to the fast sad song “Diary of a San Fernando Sexx Star” or the slow piano piece “Joan.” With The Lets Go Out Tonites behind him, Butch has put out a lot of big rock numbers. It’s hard to not jam out to “Hot Girls in Good Moods” or the very Springsteen-esque “Closer to The Truth and Further From the Sky.”

But the music isn’t the only thing that makes Butch Walker different from the rest of usual acts. I make sure to catch him every time he comes into town for concerts. He’s the only artist I’m able to convince any of my friends to come see with me. They’re the only concerts I’ve been to when the entire crowd knows all of the artist’s songs. Every show he lets the crowd sing “Best Thing You’ve Never Had” and just plays the guitar. Though at one concert when Butch reached out into the crown to play guitar, my friend accidentally turned off the guitar. I haven’t done that, but he has stood right next to me during two shows.

If that’s not enough for you, listen to Butch because he’s having some rough times lately. In the California wildfires of 2007, Butch lost everything. That includes his clothes, his motorcycle and every single master copy of his records. The music video for “Ships in a Bottle” is of him going through the wreckage of his place. So give him a listen, he’s got a MySpace page with some of his new tunes. Let me know what you think of him. Are there other great music acts out there that people are missing?