Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

With the success of the X-men movies, the studio felt that it was a good idea and a lucrative one to spinoff and work on X-men movies focusing on specific characters.  It was only natural then for them to start with Wolverine, by far the most popular of the X-men.  I know what you are thinking, the X-men movies already focused on Wolverine.  Yeah, that’s true, but now you get to see the origin of Wolverine.

With Wolverine the movie, you will now to get to see how Wolverine the character became the mutant that he is today.  X2: X-men United kind of went into it a little bit, you know how he got his adamantium skeleton, but you still don’t know why he got them and what he was doing before that, as well as how did he lose his memory.

X-men Origins: Wolverine finally answers a lot of the question that we were thinking.  Such as how old Wolverine really is or a close assumption to it.  What his life growing up was.  What type of military experience has he had.  Does he have any relative.  and it goes on and on, and despite the limited time of a wide release movie, it does manage to answer almost all of them.  It really does show how he has become the mutant and men that he is today.  The problem….is that you don’t care.

The movie does a really poor job at giving the character a soul, you find yourself watching the movie without a care in the world for the character.  You have all this information of Wolverine, but it feel completely blend.  Part of that is the acting, but most has to be blamed on the directing.  The movie has all the action you can ask for, but it’s really just going through the motion.

It also introduces new mutants, but it’s only for a short period of time.  You would think that if you spend so much time to introduce new characters, you would care enough to follow through with them, but they don’t.  The characters are either killed of or just never seen again.  The biggest surprise was the introduction of Gambit.  The reason Gambit, probably the second most popular of the X-men, wasn’t in the original X-men movies, was that studio exec felt that Gambit’s character was too much like Wolverine.  Which is kind of true, but then why introduce him in a movie completely focused on Wolverine.  That really didn’t make sense to me.

The one thing that really bugged me during this movie was just how predictable it was, it had so many twist, bad ones at that, but they were so predictable.  The story was just stupid.  You could have shown the origin of Wolverine in a much better way than what the writers had.

X-men Origins: Wolverine answers a lot of the questions that we had about Wolverine, but it goes about it by letting us follow a stupid storyline and it just follows the motion instead of giving the character a soul for the viewer to care about, but the action is kinda of cool, except for the obvious CGI ones.

X-men Origins: Wolverines get a 2 out of 5.

The next spinoff will be on Magneto.